Yes and no. Naturally, using long-lines to target cod and catching herrings using trap nets are not something new in the world. Herring traps are typical gears e.g. in Estonia and in some extent also in Latvia. But due to the characteristics of the sea in Lithuania, this type of gear was almost totally forgotten. Concerning the long-lines the situation was almost the same. Even if some fisherman had tried this method in Lithuania, the general attitude was that it is not effective method.

Seal-safe fyke nets have been tested in Sweden and Finland during more than a decade. Some of them have proven rather effective – but just in these two countries. The character of the sea in Estonia is different: water is shallow and less transparent. And most important: while Swedish and Finnish coastal fishermen target mainly salmonids (salmon, sea trout, whitefish), then in Estonia most important species are percids, cyprinids and pike. Different targeted species need also different gears construction.

In conclusion, the plan was to test something which was not completely new, but to do this in areas where these things were never before tested.
Was our plan innovative?
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"Seal-safe” fyke nets