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Cod (Photo: Markus Vetemaa)
This is one of the 5 subspecies of the Atlantic cod adapted to the brackish Baltic water.

It is common throughout the Baltic, however the distribution depends on the stock values. In the years of high abundance cod spreads around also in gulfs and the northern part of the sea, while in years when stock decreases the species concentrates only in the southern part.

It lives in depth up to 150 m. Spawning period of cod is from February - October, mostly March - May. The main spawning places are in the Bornholm, Gdansk and Gotland Deeps, and the Slupsk Furrow.

Cod usually makes very distant migrations for spawning as well as for feeding. It is one of the most commercially important species.
Cod (Gadus morhua callarias)
Cod (Photo: Markus Vetemaa)