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Razorbill (Photo: Eugenijus Kavaliauskas)
Maybe the most interesting waterbird wintering in the Eastern part of the Baltic Sea is Razorbill. There is no chance to see a penguin in the Baltic Sea, but there are always people who would claim they did. But it’s usually the Razorbills, which have been seen. This bird looks somewhat like a penguin with its portly body and white and black “suite” but, differently than penguins,
Razorbills can fly above water just as good as swim under it.

Razorbill is a truly marine bird. It spends almost all the time in the water leaving it only for breeding, which is done in colonies on the cliffs ledges, where predators have little chances to snatch their eggs or young.

Within the Baltic States you can find only a few pairs breeding in Estonia. Bigger numbers are registered only during the winter season. Razorbills keep quite far from the shore in the open sea. There they fish, preen and even sleep.

Though they are fairly good flyers, it is more likely that they will dive than fly when in danger. This is why Razorbill is extremely vulnerable to oil spills (they dive and unintentionally collect more oil than they would if taking off).
Razorbill (Alca torda)