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Red Seaweed (Furcellaria lumbricalis)
Red seaweed is a reddish-brown alga, which can grow up to about 30 cm in length. When growing, every branch divides into two.

In Europe, it is found from northern Norway to the Bay of Biscay, including the Baltic Sea, and also in Italy and Sardinia. In the eastern Baltic Sea, it abounds in the Gulf of Riga, the West Estonian Archipelago and the Gulf of Finland. It is the only large macroalga present at the Lithuanian and Latvian coast of the Baltic Proper.

In most of the Baltic Sea, Furcellaria forms a continuous belt just below the bladder wrack belt, down to the depth of 10 metres.

Many fish species, among them the Baltic herring, use Furcellaria as spawning grounds.
Red seaweed (Photo: Martynas Bučas)
Red seaweed with herring eggs (Photo: Martynas Bučas)