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Twaite shad (Photo: Rimantas Repečka)
Twaite shad is one of the three species of the herring family inhabiting the eastern Baltic Sea.

It can grow bigger than its sister species the Baltic herring and the sprat; the Baltic record holder is a Lithuanian twaite shad with 1,5 kg.

Twaite shad is the only fish of the herring family migrating to spawn in rivers. Most twaite shads come to spawn in May in the freshwater Curonian Lagoon. It is the only successfully spawning population of twaite shad in the Baltic Sea basin.

Twaite shad disappeared from the fishermen’s catches in the 1950’s due to pollution. As the pollution decreased in the 1990’s, the twaite shad returned again.
Twaite Shad (Alosa fallax)
Twaite shad (Photo: Rimantas Repečka)